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Maguire Promotions-PR, Marketing, Social Media & Hospitality Consulting Monthly Subscription

Book Chapter: Rules of Engagement

Posted: 07/4/2022

I’m proud to announce the launch of Maguire Promotions Monthly Subscription Service available to restaurants and small businesses. This ‘pivot’ is the culmination of more than 8 years of operating an independent business providing PR, marketing, promotions, social media, and hospitality consulting. It is the continuation of my strategic initiative to leverage, monetize, and collaborate with the valuable network that I have cultivated and partnered with over the last 40+ years.

My current network consists of 2,800 (IG), 4,690 (Twitter), 10,400 combined Facebook platforms, 3,500 email, and 2,693 (LinkedIn) contacts, totaling more than 24,000 people. Every day of the week I review my social media feeds, multiple media platforms, email, and targeted Google alerts, constantly seeking ideas and tools to benefit my clients. I get it that business owners are looking for someone to sort through all of that for them because most are consumed with the day-to-day operations of their restaurant or business. I also know that independent, Mom & Pop, neighborhood businesses have been ravaged by the plague (myself included) and don’t have budgets for PR and many of the services that I provide. I’m offering a fair and reasonable way to supplement what you are currently doing to keep your brand current and relevant, broaden your customer base, increase your media coverage, and make more money.

I have immediate openings for new subscribers beginning August 1. The first businesses to commit via email, text, or DM by the end of business on Friday, 7/29 will begin the first 3 months of service upon receipt of payment. First come, first served. Beyond 7/29, pricing and availability will be TBD, based on availability of my time and ‘supply and demand.’

Email: Cell: 617-510-5682.

Services Included with 3-Month Subscription

  1. Copies of Maguire Promotions Social Media Strategy, Social Media Daily Checklist, Event Promotions, Instagram Strategy, Successful Strategies at jm Curley, and Complimentary Content (media, reviews, etc.) Response.
  2. Previous 3-month audit/review of all of your social media posts/content. Report findings and make recommendations to your designated team via group email. Phone consult after review of findings, if necessary.
  3. Review of website, all social media profiles, branding, Google search, newsletters, and media coverage.
  4. Read past 3 months of all online reviews and make recommendations. Discuss and understand business strategy with respect to ‘amateur’ reviews.
  5. Daily review of all of your social media posts and threads. Provide feedback and recommend edits and responses in comment threads when necessary.
  6. Amplify your social media posts by liking, commenting, defending, and sharing when appropriate, especially events you are hosting and participating in, and food & drink specials. This includes retweets with personal comments and #hashtags. (Yes, you should have a twitter account. I can help you establish one if you don’t.)
  7. I will notify your staff of any opportunities I see to invite potential customers to your business. I often see threads online where people describe a scenario seeking a restaurant that is a great fit.
  8. As I mentioned above, I will constantly be seeking ways to promote your restaurant/business and improve your operation. I read and review everything I can locally, nationally and internationally about restaurants and business, and will forward anything that I feel is relevant and can help you.
  9. Access to my network for vendors, contractors, legal, licensing, and potential staff/recruiting referrals. I am often contacted by people seeking employment. For management positions, please see #12 in ‘additional services’ below.
  10. Referral and introduction to Boston’s most professional and well-respected hospitality publicist.
  11. Confidential vetting of prospective new hires.
  12. Subscription includes at least one visit to eat and drink at your restaurant and promotion on my social media platforms. [$100 gift certificate included in pricing below.]  This includes encouraging my ‘followers’ to follow all of your social media platforms.  Just don’t call me a ‘foodie’ or an ‘influencer…’  (For additional visits and promotions, please see #5 below.)
  13. Live phone conversations/consults following up on all of the above.

It’s very important to note that my services outlined above do not include taking over the management of your social media and creating content for you. My collaborations with monthly subscribers will work best with restaurants and businesses that have dedicated, internal, social media managers on your staff, or an external vendor. My complementary consulting role is best described as a ‘watchdog’ or advocate looking out for you, your business, and your team.

Pricing: Minimum 3-month commitment is $750, paid upfront, plus $100 gift certificate. The cost breaks down to $250/month. After 3 months, the cost to continue the subscription is $275 per month, payable 30 days in advance. After 3 months, the subscription will continue month-to-month until cancelled by either party with one month lead time. Payment can be made via Venmo @Patrick-Maguire-32, PayPal, or check.

FYI, I personally will be servicing all accounts and communicating directly with your team, no interns or anyone else.

Additional à la carte Services

Please Note: Services listed below are available to all, but discounted for subscribers.

  1. Press release and distribution to media for special events, anniversaries, etc. (Pricing depends on whether or not I’ll be creating the content or just editing.)
  2. In-person brainstorming/consult/strategy sessions.
  3. Crisis Management.
  4. Dedicated Blog Post featuring your restaurant/business, similar to this feature of Formaggio Kitchen, or this one on Vee Vee in Jamaica Plain. (Those offerings are no longer complimentary.)
  5. As I indicated in #11 above, the initial, 3-month commitment includes eating and drinking at your restaurant or patronizing your business at least once. Promotion on my social media platforms accompany the visit. Additional visits and promotions can be negotiated with additional gift certificates beyond the initial $100. We can also work something out if I attend and promote events you are hosting.
  6. Evaluate current training manuals and recommend edits, editions, improvements.
  7. Attendance and/or participate in special events, ‘guest’ bartending, etc.
  8. Staff Training-Hospitality Workshop.
  9. Editing content of newsletters, emails, negotiations, strategic communications, etc. I also refer 2 retired English teachers to clients seeking technical, grammatical scrutiny.
  10. Attend and evaluate staff training sessions.
  11. Company email database management and newsletter services.
  12. Management level staff recruitment. (Fee-for-service, 2-tiered. #1-Posting job. #2-Refering hired candidate = % of salary.)

If you’re looking for the most affordable way to boost for your business, I look forward to working with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you-Patrick

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‘Rules’ of Engagement in Civilized Society Include Restaurants by Dee Wolf-The Lobster Shanty Salem, MA

Book Chapter: Rules of Engagement

Posted: 01/19/2022

Today’s guest post by my friend, Dee Wolf, Chef/owner of The Lobster Shanty and Wolf Next Door Coffee in Salem, MA first appeared in my Server Not Servant Facebook Group where it garnered more attention than any other post in the history of the group. As of today, Dee’s post has been shared 350 times, 700 people reacted to it, and 136 humans commented on it. [The FB post cannot be shared any longer because it has been slightly edited.]

Diane is a savvy, seasoned, salty restaurant industry veteran, and clearly her poignant message has resonated with many. I’m reposting here to encourage more people to read and share her message with your networks, including media contacts for publication. The link to this blog post will make her message easier to share.

The more restaurant customers and humans who read Dee’s work, the better…

From Diane ‘Dee’ Wolf:

You don’t need to go out to eat.

You don’t need to sit at a bar and have drinks with friends.

If you want to, then there are some rules that our society needs you to follow. If you want to drink, you must be 21 years old, and we can only serve you during the hours that our liquor license allows. We require guests to be fully dressed, including shoes and a shirt. You can’t misbehave or disrupt other guests. You cannot smoke or vape inside the restaurant or on our patio. When you drive here you can’t just leave your car anywhere, you need to park it in a legal spot, or you’ll get towed or get a ticket. Don’t drive if you’re drinking alcohol. If you bring a dog, she can’t sit inside, and we need proof that she has had a rabies shot.

What I’m saying is, having rules of engagement in any society is nothing new.

We have the legal right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all. But we are not unreasonable, and we welcome you to join us and stay. We want you to stay, we are in the hospitality business – but it is a business and there are laws, rules and societal norms that we all must follow to be part of this community. We take community building seriously.

I didn’t need to buy a restaurant.
I didn’t need to get a liquor license.

But I wanted to – so I had to do a few things; I got TiPS certified, ServSafe Certified, went to culinary school (which required me to be vaccinated for MMR, Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox, & Meningitis). I also trained with NEHA (the National Environmental Health Association) and created a HACCP (Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan to make sure my team handles food safely. I wrote a business plan, took out loans, and sold some personal items for seed money. I applied for a food permit & a liquor license. We had to have a health inspection, plumbing inspection, fire inspection, and building inspection just for our occupancy permit. Can’t just hang a sign, need to go before the Design Review Board for approval first. Want an A-frame sign? Need a special permit for that too. We must file and pay meals tax to the city and to the commonwealth, monthly. I need three or four different kinds of insurance, a payroll service, a trustworthy accountant, pest control, quality food & liquor vendors, trash, recycling, & compost removal. I must arrange for cooking oil recycling and knife sharpening. Clean that grease trap and snake the drains every quarter. Clean the exhaust hood and have the fire suppression system tested regularly. Train my crew, write a menu, buy plates & glassware, decorate the place, maybe get a couple of TVs, pay for cable or a satellite, maybe a jukebox service and an ATM. (Don’t forget to pay the four different musicians unions if you play a radio or have live music) Buy a Point of Sale system, arrange for credit card processing. Maybe secure a line of credit (or bootstrap it like we did). All of this needs to be done before we serve a single burger or pour one beer. The goal is to create a culture and an atmosphere that folks want to go to.

Yeah, you could eat at home – my job is to entice you to come join us and be part of our special community. Do you have to? No. Do I want you to? Yes.

We have done SO MUCH to get this restaurant ready for you, to make it fun, to make it safe – so you can let loose and relax for a while. The least you could do is not give my host pushback for asking you to follow the rules. Rulemaking is well above our pay grade here at our little Mom & Pop restaurant. Anyone who wants to ‘punish’ a local business for following new mandates from the city or commonwealth is shooting themselves in the foot – because all that will be left are big chains of boring food dished out by large, soulless corporations. If you want to live in a thriving, unique community; a community with heart and soul, do your fucking part. We’re tired of arguing with you, we’d just like to get back to hospitality if you don’t mind…

In the comments, Dee added, A handful of folks in cities with new vaccine mandates want to punish restaurants by boycotting them, I find this infuriating and heartless. If you want small, independent restaurants in your community, you need to support them.

Amen, Dee Wolf. Amen ♥

Dee can be reached via email at

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Cheers-Patrick Maguire


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