Boston-area Restaurant Playfully Embraces Yelper

By: Patrick Maguire

Book Chapter: Confronting without Confrontation

Posted: 07/31/2014

This is too good not to share. From Eater National:

Yelpers and restaurateurs have long had a shaky relationship, but one bar in Massachusetts has come up with a clever way to fight Yelp hate. According to an Instagram postState Park, a bar in Cambridge, is poking fun at a one star review left on the site by quoting it at the bottom of their checks: “Lucy D. on Yelp says ‘Overall, a pretty lousy experience.'” Other restaurants have also gotten creative with responding to the antics of Yelpers: One restaurant in Portland fired back at a sexist joke left on their Yelp page by turning it into a fundraiser to benefit victims of domestic violence. In New Mexico, a food truck bit back at a one star review with a genius song featuring a ukulele.

See receipt on Instagram here.

Love it.

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  1. MC Slim JB says:

    I wonder if State Park ever responded to the accusations she levels in her review, most significantly that she was seriously overcharged on her credit card (though I would not be surprised to learn it was just a hold). If it’s true, State Park ought not to be joking about it; if it was resolved or just a hold, it’s irresponsible of the Yelper not to update her review to reflect this fact.

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