Dear Parents-Thank You for Raising Considerate Customers

By: Patrick Maguire

Book Chapter: Customer Hall of Fame

Posted: 09/10/2018

Today’s post comes compliments of Fallyn Taylor, a member of the Server Not Servant Facebook Group:

Dear parents of the group of 5 kids who sat in my section today-

As a server, I don’t really expect much from tables of teenagers. I treat them like any other table, give them the same level of service I would an older couple, but I fully expect to be run ragged and tipped poorly. Your kids knew what they wanted when they sat down. They asked for extra ranch while placing their orders. They kept their voices at a reasonable volume while still chatting and having a good time. They were kind and considerate of the other diners in my section.

 When it was time for them to go, they asked for the bill, 59 dollars.  I ran their card and dropped off the slip for them to sign. I saw them using their phone to calculate what the tip should be. When I came back, they had already gone. They stacked up all of their dishes, grouped together their cups, and collected their trash. They tipped me $12. Your kids made my day. I genuinely hope they come back.

I know this is a weird post but these kids were 9-16 years old and the perfect table. When they sat down another server said something to the effect of, ‘that sucks” (dealing with kids). But they were just so awesome, it made my little heart happy.  😊

Thank you for sharing, Fallyn. SO refreshing to read, and nice of you to take the time to share. I was in a pizza joint at a communal table in Boston, with a gentleman and his 2 young kids sitting across from me. When they were done eating, the man asked one of his boys to bring the tray and trash/recycle to the proper spot, and had his other son help him wipe down their area. In front of both of his children he said, “We want to leave it nice and clean for the people who sit here next, the way we’d want to find it.” I looked at the woman sitting next to me–we were both in awe of what we witnessed. It’s unfortunate that these instances are anomalies. Faith in humans momentarily restored…

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