Grace, Gratitude, Love & Inspiration Under Fire: Ruhel Islam- Gandi Mahal Restaurant

By: Patrick Maguire

Book Chapter: Human-to-Human Service

Posted: 05/30/2020

The Gandi Mahal Restaurant website:

“…Dedicated to bringing peace by pleasing your palate.”

Talk about grace, gratitude, perspective, and humility under fire (literally). This is the grass roots, real leadership, hope, love, and inspiration we need to see and hear more of in America. It’s disgraceful that Trump, his oppressive regime, and many of America’s leaders don’t even have a small fraction of this genuine, poised, prescient thinking.

Andrew Zimmern on twitter, “This letter, from the family that owns a restaurant I love, says it all. The strength of these words… read it twice and soak in what is being said here. The selflessness is breaking my heart and giving me strength today.”

Ruhel Islam, owner of Gandi Mahal Restaurant in Minneapolis: “My heart is very broken,” he said of the damage done to his restaurant. “We want justice for our brother, but we don’t want to be destroyed. I see young people’s anger. At the end, we believe in peace… I’m going to plant in the garden and pray for everyone.”

Thank you for your compassion, conviction, and wisdom, Hafsa, Ruhel, family, and Gandi Mahal Restaurant team. I hope America can learn from your love, humanity, and impassioned example. And I hope we can help you rebuild.


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