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By: Patrick Maguire

Book Chapter: Human-to-Human Service

Posted: 07/30/2022

It is extremely humbling to ask for financial support to fulfill a dream. Publishing my book, ‘I’m Your Server, Not Your Servant,’ [A Voice for Service Industry Workers Everywhere. A Case for Human-to-Human Service and Decency] has been a dream and work in progress since 2009.

After launching a few personal and professional ‘pivots’ recently, several folks reached out asking how they could sponsor/support my Walking Boston project and expedite the publication of my Server Not Servant book with a donation. This fundraiser is a grassroots initiative of small donations to help finance both complementary projects.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, I’m launching a walking journey in East Boston that will cover and showcase the heart of every Boston neighborhood. The inaugural walk departs at 7am from the Wood Island T stop on the Blue Line-Bennington Street side at the bus circle. Each walk will be at least a half marathon, 13.1+ miles. Large neighborhoods like Eastie, Dorchester, Southie, Roxbury, and Hyde Park, will be covered in 2 walks totaling at least a marathon, 26.2 miles. Smaller neighborhoods, the North End, Back Bay, West End, and Chinatown will be combined into one half-marathon walk. I hope some of you will join me for a portion of the adventure. All are welcome.

The inspiration, vision, mission, and goals of Walking Boston:

#1-Explore and showcase Boston’s neighborhoods by walking deep into every one of them, discovering hidden gems and the real ‘heart and soul’ of each hood. I’ll be sharing pics and experiences along the way while raising money for local Boston area non-profits. Make-A-Wish MA & RI is the primary beneficiary. Others will be added as the walks progress.
#2-It’s time to ‘get out there’ (away from the computer) and inspire some real, tangible change and good in the world.
#3-Raise awareness and funding for my Server Not Servant book in progress advocating for service industry workers and ‘service’ to our fellow humans. The walks will also inspire content for the book. Walking is very conducive to creative thinking and action for me.
#4-Find a publisher and sign a contract (for book publication) before the end of the Boston walks.
#5-Promote and support Boston independent, Mom & Pop, neighborhood restaurants and small businesses.
#6-Walking with, and meeting, great humans.
#7-Learning more about Boston neighborhoods and enjoying the discovery and adventures along the way.
#8-The physical and mental health benefits of walking.

Yes, it’s ironic to raise money for a project with a mission that includes raising awareness and donations for non-profits. The reality is that #WalkingBoston could take up to 2 years and will cover more than 650 miles. The time, training, planning, logistics, and follow-up require finances to keep me walking, writing, and promoting the non-profits I’m partnering with.

Finances-Walking Boston:

  • Technology for recording and reporting walks. [Laptop, phone, mobile chargers, website maintenance and hosting, etc.]
  • Printing large maps from City of Boston website to plan each walk.
  • Chiropractor, Stretch PT, Dental, and all medical expenses not covered by insurance.
  • Shoes, socks, pants and vest w/pockets + clothes for walks.
  • Snacks, water, food and beverage for walks, including for walking partners and people I meet on the streets and in the neighborhoods. [I’m working on distributing gift certificates to neighborhood businesses.]
  • Transportation to and from walks. I’ll take the T whenever possible to save money.

Finances-Publishing Server Not Servant Book:

I am in the process of researching every option to publish my book. My preference is to hire an independent (preferably Boston-based) company for Book Proposal Writing and Editing for submission to publishers to secure a contract. If I choose to self-publish, there are several steps and costs involved, including editing, proofreading, illustrations, graphics, copyright, LCCN registration, imprint setup, printing, shipping, audio books, marketing, and promotions, to name a few…

A copy of the book will be shipped to everyone who donates here, regardless of the amount. Small donations add up and are greatly appreciated.

Please indicate if there is something specific from the lists above (or your own idea) that you would like your donation applied to.

Please Note: Proceeds from this campaign are not automatically donated to the non-profits I am partnering with. However, if donations are substantial, I may choose to designate some of the funds to those non-profits. Designated links to all of the #WalkingBoston non-profit partners can be found in this blog post.

Full Disclosure: If the amount of donations received exceeds the costs outlined above (or emergencies require), I reserve the right to allocate a portion of the funds received to help family, friends, and strangers I meet on my walks in dire need who wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you for your consideration and support. I’m grateful, even if you don’t donate. Please consider sharing this GoFundMe link and SNS blog with your network. I hope you’ll follow (and perhaps join) the journey.

Donations can be made here. 

Cheers-Patrick Maguire

#WalkingBoston #ServerNotServant

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