#WalkingBoston – A Marathon in Every Boston Neighborhood: Jamaica Plain Part 2

By: Patrick Maguire

Book Chapter: Human-to-Human Service

Posted: 11/8/2022

Welcome to #WalkingBoston. To learn about the inspiration, mission, goals, and ongoing updates, please see the #WalkingBoston launch blog post.

Total miles walked on the first 6 Boston walks to date in Eastie, Hyde Park, and ‘Jamaica Plain Part 1’ = 81.89.

‘Jamaica Plain Part 1’ covered 15 miles, including a lap around the pond, Green Street, Franklin Park, Forest Hills Cemetery, the Arboretum, and as much territory as possible south of Green Street. See pics, map, and summary here.

The #WalkingBoston journey continues on Friday, 11/11. ‘Jamaica Plain Part 2’ leaves from the Jamaica Pond Boat House at 8am sharp. Early bird stretching and map/course review at 7:40. All are welcome to join.

[Please Note: A post-walk summary, reflections, and pics/videos from this walk will be included at the end of this blog post.]

Friday’s walk (13.1+ miles) will head towards Willow Pond Meadow and through Olmstead Park. The route will then cover territory north of Green Street, including Hyde Square, the murals in Mozart Park, and explore as much territory in the map below as possible. As always, please send me ‘must see’ sights along the way, including ‘hidden gems,’ art, nature, murals, history, architecture, Mom & Pop #SmallBiz, etc. I love getting suggestions in advance to include them while mapping out the walks. The course will be finalized on Thursday, 11/10. Please email patrick@servernotservant.com or comment at the end of this post.

If inspired by #WalkingBoston, please consider a donation of any size to the following:

#1- Make-A-Wish MA & RI is the primary beneficiary of #WalkingBoston. As most of you know, the mission of Make-A-Wish is to create life‐changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. I love the work that they do and am honored to partner with them. Thanks to Hillary Muntz, Kara Walker & team for their professionalism and attention to detail. Donations inspired by #WalkingBoston can be made by clicking on this link.

#2- Stride for Stride is also a beneficiary of #WalkingBoston. Stride for Stride is a non-profit running organization that buys race bibs for immigrant, BIPOC, and low-income runners – the goal is to make races more accessible, inclusive, and diverse for everyone. Stride for Stride founder, Tom OKeefe, aka @BostonTweet, “Our logo signifies equality. It’s simple, bold, and shows that you support running for all. Our goal is a simple concept too, but one that changes lives. Having a race to strive for keeps you focused and healthy, while crossing the finish line is pure joy and empowering in both sport and life – it proves that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Never give up!” Donations inspired by #WalkingBoston can be made to Stride for Stride by clicking here.

Now that I have a completed 2+ marathons (Eastie, Hyde Park, and half of JP), I’m in the process of negotiating sponsorships and collaborations with local companies and individuals, and wide open to all of your ideas to raise money. Donations to Make-A-Wish and Stride for Stride are tax deductible.

#3- Lastly, several folks have reached out asking how they could sponsor/support my #WalkingBoston mission and expedite the publication of my #ServerNotServant book advocating for service industry workers. A grassroots fundraiser of small donations has been set up to keep me walking and writing. Donations can be made here.

From the City of Boston website:

Jamaican Plain – At a Glance: Originally a summertime resort destination for Bostonians, Jamaica Plain (JP) is a classic streetcar suburb of Boston. Located southwest of Downtown Boston, JP was annexed by the City in 1874. Jamaica Plain has consistently been an important center for residential life, arts, and commerce for the City of Boston.

JP’s residential streets, filled with iconic triple-decker houses in imaginative colors, are home to Latinos, young families, a growing gay community, and young professionals. A real jewel of JP is 68-acre Jamaica Pond. It is popular with local residents for fishing, sailing, and running along its 1.5 mile shore path.  The 265-acre Arnold Arboretum, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, offers a botanical oasis in the heart of the city.

Jamaica Plain is easily accessible by the Southwest Corridor, MBTA trains, and buses. The main transit hub for the area is Forest Hill Station. Since the eighteenth century, Centre Street has been a major retail street for the community in Jamaica Plain. JP’s diversity of residents is reflected in the businesses with a range of ethnic restaurants and stores animating Centre Street. Egleston Square Main Street, Hyde Jackson Square Main Street Program, and JP Centre/South Main Streets support local business owners.

Thank you for following, supporting, and sharing the mission of #WalkingBoston. Please subscribe to this blog and follow @PatrickMBoston on Twitter and IG for updates. I hope to see some of you #ontheroad in the heart of Boston’s neighborhoods on the #roadslesstraveled.


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