#WalkingBoston – A Marathon in Every Boston Neighborhood: Roslindale Part 1

By: Patrick Maguire

Book Chapter: Human-to-Human Service

Posted: 06/26/2024

Welcome to #WalkingBoston. To learn about the inspiration, mission, goals, and updates, please see the #WalkingBoston launch blog post.

The total official, verified distance covered on the first 15 Boston walks in Eastie, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, South End, Chinatown, Leather District, DTX, Financial District, North End, West End + Waterfront, Beacon Hill (including the Common and Public Garden), and Roxbury = 198.13 miles. Almost every walk is a minimum of a half marathon, 13.1 miles and is verified using the MapMyWalk app. A full marathon will be covered in each neighborhood that is large enough, and small neighborhoods are combined. The goal for the entire mission is to cover at least 1,000 miles. ‘Bonus Walks,’ like the Harbor Islands, Night Walks on main streets, and destinations I missed (please tell me) will be included after walking every Boston neighborhood.

The #WalkingBoston journey continues on Friday, 6/26/24. Breakfast and map review begin at 7:15 at Blue Star at 11 Corinth Street in Rozzie. All are welcome to join, even just for breakfast or a portion of the walk. The weather looks great, sunny with a high of 78, and a LOW dew point, according to Jacob Wycoff at WBZ Boston:

Friday is the ‘Winner’ this week:

Contact me at patrick@servernotservant.com or text/call 617-510-5682 to meet up. Here is the eastern portion of Roslindale that we will be exploring:

[Please Note: A post-walk summary, reflections, distance, and pics/videos from this walk will be added to the end of this blog post.]

As always, please send me ‘must see’ sights from the map above, including ‘hidden gems,’ art, nature, parks, murals, fountains, history, architecture, Mom & Pop #SmallBiz, etc. I love getting suggestions in advance to include while mapping out the walks. The course will be finalized on Thursday, 6/27. Please email patrick@servernotservant.com or comment at the end of this post with specific, ‘can’t miss’ suggestions.

If inspired by #WalkingBoston, please consider a donation to Stride for Stride, a partner of #WalkingBoston. Stride for Stride is a non-profit running organization that buys race bibs for immigrant, BIPOC, and low-income runners – the goal is to make races more accessible, inclusive, and diverse for everyone. Stride for Stride founder, Tom OKeefe, aka @BostonTweet, “Our logo signifies equality. It’s simple, bold, and shows that you support running for all. Our goal is a simple concept too, but one that changes lives. Having a race to strive for keeps you focused and healthy, while crossing the finish line is pure joy and empowering in both sport and life – it proves that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Never give up!”

To celebrate my February birthday, I dedicated a blog post to raise money for Stride for Stride after Jorge Rosales donated a kidney to save SFS founder, Tom O’Keefe’s life: ‘Life and Death,’ hero, and badass are often overused exaggerations. As restaurateur/author and James Beard Award winner, Gabrielle Hamilton noted in her memoir, “badass is a juvenile aspiration.” Especially as a self-imposed moniker. None of those terms are embellishment when describing the evolution of the relationship between Tom O’Keefe and Jorge Rosales. Tom provided Jorge an opportunity with Stride for Stride. And Jorge saved Tom’s life. That’s badass!! And how that came to be is an amazing, awe-inspiring story. Please read the full story here.

Donations inspired by #WalkingBoston can be made to Stride for Stride by clicking here.

Now that I have a completed more than 7 marathons, I’m in the process of seeking sponsorships and collaborations with local companies and individuals, and I’m wide open to all creative ideas to raise money. Donations to Stride for Stride are tax deductible.

Lastly, folks have also reached out asking how they could sponsor/support my #WalkingBoston mission and expedite the publication of my #ServerNotServant book advocating for service industry workers and fellow humans. A grassroots fundraiser has been set up to keep me walking and writing. Donations can be made here.

Please remember to check back after the 6/26 walk for reflections on the day, along with a photo album in chronological order of the trek. Thank you to everyone following, supporting, and sharing the multiple missions of #WalkingBoston – A Marathon in Every Boston Neighborhood. I hope to see you on the road…




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